Here are all the current emotes (FrankerFaceZ and Discord) I’ve made so far.

Emote Description Code (FFZ) Code (Discord)
Bill Elliot, the true face of evil. FaceofEvil :faceofevil:
Everything today is improved, and I don’t like it! GrumpyOldMan :oldmansnes:
Bill just wanted to mingle with the people! InterceptedByWarlords :InterceptedByWarlords:
Wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture. NotGonnaDoIt :NotGonnaDoIt:
Oh John, plumbers don’t wear ties. PlumbersJohn :PlumbersJohn:
Link’s victory stance. LinkVictory :LinkVictory:
The best sprite from Chrono Trigger. ChancellorShocked :ChancellorShocked:
Fuck Sonic Forces. WTFIsThisThing :wtfisthisthing:
A doggo that I gave an emote for some reason. DegaDog :dega:
A stupid gator, also a Sonic character. ffzGata :gator:
I love the Power Glove. ItsSoBad :itssobad:
Not representative of snesfreak. Simsnes :simsnes:
Abby is Dabby. n/a :dabby:
Things are getting weeiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrd, AngryMeeseeks :AngryMeeseeks:
Then you give them the Forest Whitaker Eye. Whitakereye :Whitakereye
Rash-I mean Amy Gasm. AmyGasm :amygasm:
Morty. ffzMorty :morty:
These should be used together in most cases
Spencer (from HarmonQuest) Left Hand SpencerLHand :SpencerLHand:
Spencer (from HarmonQuest) Head SpencerHead :SpencerHead:
Spencer (from HarmonQuest) Right Hand SpencerRHand :SpencerRHand:



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