Capcom announces several Mega Man titles for Switch + Mega Man 11/MMX collection for Switch/PS4/PC/XB1

Capcom today announced a bunch of Mega Man titles for the Switch.

First, they’re bringing both Mega Man Legacy Collection games to the system. They also announced that “all 8” Mega Man X games are coming, in what I’d assume is a new legacy collection for the X series.

But the biggest news is that they’re making Mega Man 11.

A lot of people weren’t expecting much from their 30th anniversary stream, so this is a pretty nice surprise.

Mega Man 11 is set to come out late next year, with the ports I’d assume coming earlier in the year.

The legacy collection games will have Amiibo support as well.

MM11 and the MMX games will also come to PC, XB1 and PS4.

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