Snesfreak Fails At Cities: Skylines Episode 1


So, here’s my attempt at doing a Youtube Cities: Skylines series.
Since my connection is useless (for now, I might have better internet in a few months) I can’t really do live streams of this game and have it be watchable.

Yes, I know there’s no snow in Vice City.
Just think of this as taking place after the world is destroyed (as predicted by Pastor Richards) and a new ice age begins or something.

No commentary (headset is busted and it wouldn’t be entertaining at all anyway.)

This is not going to be a pretty city, it will not be a well designed city.
I don’t care lol, I’m just having fun.

I might put up a list of mods I use sometime soon too.

12 Hour Cast (Probably) Tomorrow To End SNES 25th Month

Tomorrow (August 31st) I’ll be (attempting) to do another 12 hour cast to end my month of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Super Nintendo. I’ll do a cast today as well, of course. I’m going to try (yeah right) to start the 12 hour cast in the morning, but knowing me it’ll be 2PM and I’ll end up too tired to finish it lol.

After that, I’m gonna take about a week off from casting.
And who the hell knows when I’ll actually get the local recordings uploaded to Youtube, with my connection that would probably take two months lol.
I might try to figure out an actual schedule, but I can never seem to keep to it so I dunno.

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