SNES Month 2017 – Coming Soon Maybe?

Last year I did an entire month of SNES games to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the US release of the SNES.

Sometime in the next few months I want to do another month dedicated to SNES games, I don’t know if I could actually do it every day though. I was thinking about waiting for the SNES Classic but maybe I’ll just go ahead and do it next month.

Got a new ISP, so when will I stream again?

So recently (Saturday) I finally got a new ISP. running on fiber optic (yay!). So now instead of barely functional 5Mbit download I have 50Mbit, and it actually gets that speed!

Upload wise every test I’ve done seems to have it working perfectly, I believe I have about 10Mbit upload now. I did a test stream the other day directly from my PS4, and as far as I noticed there were no frame drops. That’s unheard of for me in the last few years lol.

So now, when will I start streaming again?

I dunno, I have to get the scenes setup in XSplit again. Also I don’t even know what to cast right now, I’m pretty far into Zelda so I don’t want to just start streaming it this late.

I’ll deal with that stuff eventually.

I finally have good internet again, I could cast at 1080p if I wanted to!

My ISP drives me nuts

Late last year I moved and got a new ISP, one that supposedly has 5Mbit upload. But it’s so inconsistent that even at like 2Mbit I’ll start dropping frames like crazy whenever I try to stream. This gets especially bad from about 5 PM to after midnight, to the point where I don’t even get 1Mbit when testing the connection through XSplit or TwitchTest. Now a year ago this would be no problem, as I could stay up all night if I wanted, but lately I’ve been so tired that I’m dozing off by 11 PM.

That would be why I haven’t been streaming at all for the last several months, what am I gonna do start at 2 AM every night?

I keep hoping they get fiber optic around here soon, I sure as hell need it.

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